Friday, 22 May 2015



Why the tears?
Why do they glide,
Down nakedly your fears?
In the pool of your eyes
I see the innocence of
Of a dove fly high
Soaring like freedom
Yearning for Eden
I smell auspiciousness
No more lowness
Tears today, tomorrow a story
So enough to the sorries
Bid farewell to the worries
High up the mountains
Your maker reigns
Come O come, storms
That strengthen
Stand fast and be
Not weakened
For sow in tears
And reap in joys

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


A day without you 
Is like a 24 hours
Without the sun
So void like avoid
So toyed like deployed
Faint like no saint
Chained like emotional pain
World so small yet so tall
Screams I call, all the fall
A peace once, I boldly roar
Now swiftly, I sadly saw
Gently, a fade-away, my heart it plough
I am soul-sick
Yeah! So sick
Come down and pick
O heaven's palm
And bring back me, my calm
Consume my whole with psalms
And make clear my soul of ramps

Sunday, 3 May 2015


I feel the blessings of a new day
As my sorrows i kiss, fade-away
Applause to One crucified, i say
A new hallelujah, my Maker i pray
The lot i know....hmmm!

Blessings! Blessings! They crave
Yet nothing like something they gave
Wanting nothing but good in excess
Whiles refusing the cloak of good works
Always yearning for all without sweats

How do you reap, whiles you've crowned sleep?
How do you receive when you have not asked deep
Quicken your soul and spirit
With divinity so sweet and fit
For the kingdom is near and for the fit

Friday, 1 May 2015


I pray,  my love...
That i wake up before
The morning wakes
Only to hear your heart
Beat close to mine
I pray, my love...
That in my arms
Warmth sums as
Security amps
Your very soul like
Hymns sung by
heavenly saints
I pray, my love...
That every moment
Spent in each other's eye
Reminds us of the flame
Of love that knows no
Quench or dim
I pray, my love...
That the steeps of life
never clouds our course
with undulating strife
Choking the breathe
in our single heart
I pray, my love...
That above all, the bearer of all
Cause us to drown
In His pool of will
I pray, my love...
That amidst the chaotic the tunes
Of life, we still  dance on the moon