Thursday, 30 April 2015


Could it be the passion
That makes me want to
Hold you for no fashion
As though my temple were yours?
What is love?

Is that which I hear
Or that which I see
And wish that it be
As crystal’s clear?
What is love?

Could it be that which sets me free
Or that which make me agree,
fear the word “loose”
And know my goals are achieved
And that I forever lived?
What is love?

Love ! Yes love !
Just like a passing wind
Embraces all it sees
Never sees what it pleases
An emotion, a feeling of wanting
What is love?


In His time, in His times
In His time, He makes
All beautiful, yes! beautiful
All colourless turn colourful
He's a wonder, yes! wonderful

In His time, in His times
In His time, He makes
All beautiful, yes! beautiful
Though all may seem reeling,
Before all, He's willing

In His time, in His times
In His time, He makes
All beautiful, yes! beautiful
All, whether good or bad
Together for your good

Tuesday, 28 April 2015



A priceless gem she is
A wife of a noble character, who can find?
A creature from heaven's home she is
Lacking nothing of value
Her husband's confidence she wins

On her knees, many a prayer
Her feet adorns him with good
Till her last breathe spells "end"
A priceless gem she is
A wife of a noble character, who can find?

While still darkness rule
Her head refuses the comforts
Of her pillow so more
Her arms understands
And speaks well the language of work

Providing food for her family
Not forgetting her servant's bowl
And the many a need soul
A priceless gem she is
A wife of a noble character, who can find?

Monday, 27 April 2015




Shaking vividly vigorously vibrantly
Her hands hold on high heavens home
Assuredly above all assumptions
Her flesh before her Maker, below
A dance so earth quickening

The stirs of divinity she climbs so humbly
A daughter of Zion,
Spirit driven, stronger than iron
O heaven is smiling
O heaven is raining

O heaven stands dancing
What a joy it is to give all
Unto Him that giveth all
Gladdened is my eyes
Soaring higher in joyous sighs

Friday, 24 April 2015


As sleep departs my eye,
Wisdom caresses my thoughts
So sweet are the words high
As I pronounce on each door
‘’Fear is wrestled bye.’’

 Soul is crowned bravery
Swimming in a deepened found
The world around I count loss
As revelation stairs I climb
A purpose I seek my soul to reach

Put slowly a heart
A countenance once robbed of
A moment stolen by deceptions bluff
Come! ,come dine in faith with love
And bid bye, the devils chuff


In the mouth of emptiness and sadness
Unwillingly, a curse I embrace
That maketh me know no rest
And shatters my heart’s quest
Why soon? Why soon Ama?

Within a spark of moment
Yearning in me, is release from torment’s
Within a spark of moment
I could define what joy and love meant
Why soon? Why soon Ama?

Why art thou so sure?
Why art thou so pure;
As though thou be my cure?
As thine colorful smiles spring
Like roses
And wishes I wish be horses

Time will I seize and please
As thine beautiful moment’s decrease
For if distance makes the heart grow fonder
Then let it keep our hearts from wonder
And onto Calvary shall we render

Our heart’s pounding glow
And a joyous cry forever
Ama ! Ama ! Ama !
"Aden "?
Why rescue me from this den?
When it was all I knew then.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


When you’re away
My heart runs a countless race
No mortal can grease with grace
To slow my unbeatable pace
As though my eyes were a fountain of tears

I embraced endless fears
My guess! At shore;
Trying to distance memories of me from fall
Overwhelming is the lonely thoughts
And imaginations of how we fought

And embracing evenly, evolving cool breeze
As though it were me who could freeze
All titled and unpardonable foes
Off their shallow-rooted toes
With you, an eye gaze of the

Evenings moon will do
With you, a fetch of a clean touch
Will initiate a holly kiss too
When you're away, journeying for a way
To my weighing lonely heart
I will rather wait
For will in us, is overruled by faith

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Don't go there...

Don’t go there!
Don’t go there!
There hurts, there burns
There makes me want to cry
There makes me wish I’d die
There makes me desire pain
There fills me with moments I can’t contain
There, denies me of God’s rain

Don’t go there!
Don’t go there!
There burns, there hurts
There makes me miss your smile
There makes me miss your touch so mild
There makes me miss your hold
There makes me miss a part of me sold
There make me miss the beauty of life’s road

Don’t go there!
Don’t go there!
There hurts, there burns
There makes me wish I never existed
There makes me feel I never occurred
There makes me loose words
There clothes me in black and red
I hate there, I refuse there
Have you been there?
Don’t go there!


‘’I see in Reginald’s eye
How the beauty of madness lye’’
A lad said.
Glad am I that madness be
Bestowed upon thine servant and maid

For a day as this, natures owner has made
A day as this will I embrace without end
A soul so dear, has turned intriguing digits
My temple wouldn’t quit but figit
In all angles with it

O see! O see!
With colorful smiles the day walks the aisle
As gravity fighters display wings in style
And teasing earth’s lips it play
In a dazzling ray, aye!

I hear natures owner say;
Endless joy, filtered smiles, endless years
On thine tray with positive desires rest
‘’I see in Reginald’s eye
How the beauty of madness lye
A knight said.

Sunday, 19 April 2015


Like a dessert, a love runs dry;
As slowly, my heart I bubble
A heart bleeds high
Plainly, a dirt I trample
Under meek and humble

Sorrow seem a curse
As boot for boot, endless match my words
Hmm! My dears fight my wins
A warrior am I summoned
Does like Moses's eye tale

Dictate our new root?
Or where the rugged cross lie tall
An abode for our foot
Words once sweet as honey
Painted cruel like worse

And now swimming in the pool of pain
A child in me is born
My heart is pierced and thorned
As rumors arrowed like pins
Knit my very me

Friday, 17 April 2015


It felt all new and amazing
A moment blessed with creation
O hallelujah to the Lord!
Bearer of the two - edged sword
Conqueror of all, the one true God

Open thou thine heart’s gates
Descending mightily is power and faith
As humility arrests increase
As our all gives and takes as he please
And before his eyes, all he sees

O Holy text! Sweep the filth in my abode
And change my coarse and road
With thine word so sweet and fine
A love so profound and fine
Open thou my eyes to thine sign

Thursday, 16 April 2015


It is smells like crazy,
Slowly trending the floors
Of an endless breathe easily
Caressing the lips of my soul
Control hardly, I fail
Joy ! Joy ! Joy !

It’s grip so firm
Arresting all dwellers in my realm
I doubt it’s carnal
It abides, I vow! In divine
Betwixt my Lord and Vine
Joy! Joy! Joy!

Like the blossom of explosion,
Sweetest celebration is the feel
Decorating the grounds of looks
And arresting all fears that hooks
Making the lion in you roar
Joy ! Joy ! Joy !

Like merrying birds at dawn
Embrace daylight heartily
Thundering, giggling and curdling
Invades the stores of our hearts
Joy aloft, joy raining, joy blazing
Joy! Joy! Joy!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


On a new bed, prostrate you lie
Your cheeks to smile is lonely
Like dove eyes once beautiful
Now pale and fed with what seems white
With measureless affection,

My eyes remains not quite
As tears wrestle a way through fright
My heart in it’s secrets while
Ponder on why wrongs embrace right
Why the innocents suffer grieves hold

Slowly, your hand I hold, aye;
As the deep cries of my soul
Match to the father of new and old
In endless fold, a prayer I render
With a voice so quivering,

 Spelling the turmoil
A passion full and hash
For a moment I know only,
Healing will kiss you fast
From my makers might and touch

Tired is my lips from asking,
‘’ How are…you?’’
Impatient is my desire
To scratch our bonds with fire;
memory of our good and bad hour
my soul clings on to power
As my palm calls to you flower

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


On the dark clouds of an early dawn
Like a funeral cloth i whisper a moan
Like Judas, has joy kissed me,
Hugged me like a freak
And enslaved my harmony

Crippled at heart, my emotions
On the stairs of motions dye
As the skies of my heaven
freeze, fumed with surprise,
My heart coils double

How far and beyond does
My cry reach you Father?
I yearn for nothing but a rise
For such a cross I deserve not
Ouch! I feel a pinch so hot

I confess a ‘’thank you’’
As thine Holy text,
Been of good and not
Evil transforms me
So I pray strengthen me

Monday, 13 April 2015


Burn me not with thine tears
 My breathe;
For such scotch renders me less
Perfect am I not, crown me less
Yet on my hearts cushion your soul rests

‘’Never a run, forever a one ‘’ our heart says
Clearer than crystal,
My breathe;
So clear your love is
Fairer than the sun afar

Your charm so fair
Though my tongue confess hurt
My breathe;
In the thickest abode of darkness
It is none but my breathe I fetch

For nothing but a holy perch
When all you are; a mortal from earth
Why call you my breathe?
My breathe;
Let the world think it so
For to me, my soul you own

Sunday, 12 April 2015


She may be gone
but it feels as though
I am not alone
She was more than a throne
I wish I could forever own

It’s late, it’s dawn;
She’s around, on phone
Like fiction, her words my heart’s tone
Hmm! Never felt this deep
An urge so hard to ground

A feeling so hard to keep
I ask ‘’I ‘m I spell bound’’?
It feels like replay
In love again, I am falling
Barely, can I say

Torment and pain, I am dinning
Like a beggar, on my knees Lord
Seeking greater , your love
One I can’t afford
But assures, your Word I can have

As thoughts not mine, hovering like swift days
A tear like heavens rain drops
A groan! come dwell in my heart, your place
Where joy and peace I have please
Like a plague, a wrestle

A battle I dare, yet I can’t face
My Father! When did I begin?
She may be gone
But it feels as though I’m not alone
She was more than a throne
I wish I could forever own.

Saturday, 11 April 2015



Where is he who takes
The sorrows of yesterday
And buries it far away?
Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!
‘’A heart aches…’’

Where is he who feels
The groaning of the innocent
Calls it his and heals
Without spelling a cent
‘’A heart aches…’’

Where is he who squeezes
The darkness in the heart
And with dove reasons
Showers a radiant light
‘’A heart aches…’’

Where is he who names
The divided together
Shuns the divider and claims
The bond of forever
‘’A heart aches…’’

Where do I find a love so crystal?
A love not seasonal
Do you feel my pain?
I doubt! It feels like Cain
‘’A heart aches…’’

Friday, 10 April 2015


Hate! Hate! Hate!
Is hate your mate?
What do you hate?
Do you hate good?
Do you hate evil?
An intense dislike
We all ride like bike
Some ride right
Others ride wrong
Hate! Hate! Hate!
Hate right, live long
Hate left, live wrong
Hate right, live strong
Hate left, live unsound
To lie,I hate
To steal, I hate
To hurt, I hate
To cry wrong, I hate
To kill, I hate
To fight good, I hate
Hate! Hate! Hate!
What do you hate?
Choose right! Hate right!



As long as you love me…
What language from the mouth of fear
Will shatter my soul with trembling?
As long as you love me…
What manner of war will I not gladly

Fight to keep your every heart beat from
You are my muse, you are my news
As long as you love me, never a tear will
You sadly cry
Never a lonely day will you see
Never a passionate hold and kiss will I deny
Your soul

As long as you love me…
Your dreams will I make mine
In your heart will I forever dine
Your diamonds and pearls will I be
Your silver and gold am i
As long as you love me.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


In moments of loneliness
I could feel the rub of a nurse
In moments of boredom, I kicked your tummy;
Just to hear a sweet voice call me
In the calm pool of thine eyes diary
Did I sail through a true story of glory
A warrior and a savior her name be.
And in the chambers of your nipple
Did I embrace sweetness, strength and love in ample

Did I embrace sweetness, strength and love in ample

Rare is love and yet love thou pronounced dear
Yes! Yes! For years
though thine eyes grow not a tear
But tears, players of the dark hours thou clear
And with thine care,
my soul is void of fear

Mother! In thine words
did I partake in my Makers share
Mother! In the calm pool
of thine eyes diary
A dove of love I behold without sorry.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


As the stars;
breathe on the grounds of the sky
No tweet of lie will I try
But rather your heart will I fly:
And on heavens wings will I jet you high
To make all wrongs right.
Aye! I see a tear, I see you cry
And birth with conscience, your tears will i dry.
On my humble knees;
Under the sweet-cool breeze
I feel a kneel under sorrow’s trees
As I hear a tease
Of your long-gone laughter and
With your blazing mercies
And my sins-dying pieces
Set me free so I may be
For such are the tunes of my hearts


On the stairs of heavens,
The eyes of a mystery I stare
That which the windows of
The soul deny is true and clear.
Swiftly, Aye; the feet of my soul arise to dare

Yearning for nothing only to pair
Keenly, let your hearts ear
Be possessed with attention
And let the eyes of knowledge
see as the spirit says;

‘’In the womb of the mystery is all existence,’’
‘’In the womb of the mystery is all healing,’’
‘’In the womb of the mystery is all peace.’’
Wonder not that which this mystery be
For faith lyeth within thee.