Monday, 15 June 2015


Humilty pleads a hold of my soul
Pride dances with Lucifer's toes
With haughty eyes lies flies
So deceptional and intentional
A feeling of I am my boss
When all I am is a coin
The devil toss
Looking at the needy,
I say "how lazy you are" pity!
When in reality's eyes,
Poor is me than the needy
Pity is me...
Hmmm! Suddenly, a memory of old knocks
A memory of a love I felt so divine
A memory of a vine so refined in holliness
Awww! Tears I can barely hold back glides
down my manly Cheeks...
Kneeling I kneel for how I know not...
Mercy O Lord my tongue cries!
Pride,the source of all evil has kissed
and made aborminable love to me...
Forgive me Lord for I am yours to keep.

**God is good...God is love**

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