Friday, 24 April 2015


In the mouth of emptiness and sadness
Unwillingly, a curse I embrace
That maketh me know no rest
And shatters my heart’s quest
Why soon? Why soon Ama?

Within a spark of moment
Yearning in me, is release from torment’s
Within a spark of moment
I could define what joy and love meant
Why soon? Why soon Ama?

Why art thou so sure?
Why art thou so pure;
As though thou be my cure?
As thine colorful smiles spring
Like roses
And wishes I wish be horses

Time will I seize and please
As thine beautiful moment’s decrease
For if distance makes the heart grow fonder
Then let it keep our hearts from wonder
And onto Calvary shall we render

Our heart’s pounding glow
And a joyous cry forever
Ama ! Ama ! Ama !
"Aden "?
Why rescue me from this den?
When it was all I knew then.

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