I remember it like yesterday
When you would gladly say
"Son, let's go to the stadium"
You held me so close refusing
Any form of passing or medium
We watched the matches played
But you watched me most

You payed attention to my
Every move
Without owing a cent
A saint are you not yet
You thought me like one
We had our moments yet,
All was great and fun

I remember the early dawn
Now the greatest apps
Installed on my minds
Dial ups
The days with my tiny hands
I would wash your socks
After which we had talks
A moulding all sons sort
To become a man with
Great thoughts

I remember the sounds
Of  discipline emanating
From my childhood screams
And like what seemed
Like hatred, today I call love
I miss the days you yelled
At me saying, "In my life,
I hate nothing but lies"
All this and more created
Nothing but strong ties

I miss our yesturdays
I wish they are our today
I know times have changed
And 'busy' is now the word
But I still wish our
Yesterday ruled our today
I love you Dad
You are the best.


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