Thursday, 23 June 2016


I miss the very day
you knocked
I miss the very moment
I said "come in"
I miss our first meal
I miss our long chats
I miss the day you
Looked into my weary
And sulking eyes and
Said, "I am not leaving
You, never"!
I miss our lonely nights
I miss our walks by the
Beach and how the waves
With It's lips kissed us
And ignited a new chat
I miss how you treated my Wounds
After giving me that great
I miss how it feels like to be
In your
Arms listening to the
Melodies of Your heartbeat
I miss our quarrels
I miss the love fights
We had that made me cry
For more of you
I miss all the beautiful
Love songs you sung for
Me anytime it felt
So lost and found between
I wish I can put this on a
I miss painting with you
I miss getting bored at you
When it's hard to wait any longer
I miss loving you with all
In me
I miss you Jesus Christ
I miss us.

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